Pesticide Safety on Islesboro (PSI)

Concerned about mounting evidence that some landscape care and tick control products contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, in 2016 our group began to collect a broad range of information. In the fall of 2017, convinced that Islesboro residents should have ready access to this information, we formed PSI.

PSI's goal is to collect and disseminate accurate, current information about pesticides to make Islesboro safe for its residents and their pets, as well as for its wildlife. PSI is a standing committee of the Town of Islesboro and has the full support of the Select Board. The Town does not use synthetic pesticides on its properties.

Nancy Alexander
Lauren Bruce (Select Board liaison)
Anna Kiers Congdon
Helen Elkins
Linda Gillies (chair and secretary)
Marilyn Smith
Jennifer West


Town Office
P.O. Box 76
Islesboro, ME 04848

Health Center

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